We strive to foster the energy transition for a brighter future and a cleaner environment


We are eager to develop as much renewable energy possible, starting from our 1GW, 4-year plan


Novis is a new corporation with over 100 MW in operation and target is to install one gigawatt of renewable power by 2023

Novis Renewables LLC is a New York based renewable energy company, aiming to become one of the largest owners and operators of renewable energy assets in the United States.

The Company’s shareholders have a strong track record of project development and asset management in more than 20 countries with cumulative installations of over 1GW of wind and power assets installed to date.

In December 2019, Eni and Falck Renewables signed a strategic agreement to jointly develop renewable energy projects in the United States.

The strategic agreement involves the creation of a venture owned 50% by Eni New Energy US Inc. and 50% by Falck Renewables North America Inc. for the development, construction and financing of new solar photovoltaics, wind onshore and energy storage projects, named Novis Renewables LLC.

Under the terms of the agreement, Falck Renewables has transferred Eni 49% of its ownership interests in the plants currently in operation in the United States (115MWdc).


“Novis brings together two world-class organizations that will be a leader in the US renewables market nationally”

Jonathan Koch, President, Novis Renewables and Falck Renewables North America

We’re very happy to have achieved this transaction, it states our committment towards Renewables”

Claudio Piccinelli, Vice President Novis Renewables and VP Eni New Energy US


Quotes from the transaction

“For Eni, the agreement with Falck Renewables opens up a new, low-risk and highly fluid market in which we are aiming to grow very quickly. This partnership will benefit from the knowledge and renowned experience of Falck Renewables, enabling Eni to accelerate its plans to increase its renewable energy capacity and laying the foundations for achieving our decarbonization objectives.”

Luca Cosentino, Eni Energy Solution Executive Vice President

“We are excited to start working in a targeted way with Eni, which like us wants to contribute to the energy transition and be a key player in the renewables sector. We are really interested in bringing together the two companies’ capabilities and ambitions to create an agile and focused development company, with clear objectives in one of the world’s most dynamic and high-potential markets”

Toni Volpe, Falck Renewables CEO