We care about where we work

Novis Renewables is a trusted partner. Novis Renewables partners with landowners around the country and strives to be a trusted steward of the land and communities where we work. Novis creates clean energy jobs during the construction and operation of our renewable energy projects and we economically benefit the communities where we operate.

Landowners benefit from working with Novis through long-term fair-market property lease or purchase agreements, creating reliable income from their land.



Landowners advantages

Novis Renewables can provide Landowners:

  1. Meaningful income via transparent, simple long-term land lease or purchase agreements
  2. Sustainable land use as a productive alternative to agricultural or other economically-marginal activity
  3. An Experienced and well-capitalized partner to manage the development, maintenance and operation of the project
  4. Direct line to Novis for any questions or support throughout the life of the project



We’re part of the Community

We work in partnership with our communities. Our renewable projects enhance local communities through reliable tax revenues and jobs that will support important public services.

We will create economic opportunities, foster community engagement and promote green economy jobs and growth.



How does Development process work?

Novis Renewables will partner with you through every stage of project development.


  • Step One: evaluate and assess.
    We will evaluate your property utilizing software tools to assess if there is enough space to accommodate a renewable energy plant. Novis will evaluate things like: impact on the environment (wetlands, species habitat, etc.), compatibility with surrounding activities, sunlight exposure and property shading, slope, soil analysis, topography, proximity to interconnection facilities and transmission capacity.
  • Step Two: sign lease.
    If the land checks all the boxes, then we will negotiate a fair-market deal for the lease (or purchase, if you or your business is interested in doing so) of the land.  We are interested first and foremost in the deal’s fairness and its transparency.
  • Step Three: permit and develop.
    To develop the project we need to complete additional diligence and secure permits (i.e. solar site assessment, interconnection application, code compliance). This phase involves permitting with relevant authorities, and authorization from the utility. This activity will be Novis Renewables’ responsibility and there will be no costs to the landowner.

  • Step Four: build and commit.
    Once all permits are in place and Novis has an agreement with the utility, we will start the construction. This phase can take 1-2 years, depending on the size of the project. We will coordinate closely with the local building department to ensure the project meets all local traffic, noise, and other safety requirements for large-scale projects.
  • Step Five: produce and decarbonize.
    Once the plant is ready to go online, Novis will transition the project to our operations and maintenance team to manage the facility long-term.  As part of our ongoing operations, we will maximize the use of local contractors and service providers.